About Apprenticeships and Courses We Offer

At RM Training we pride ourselves on the range of apprenticeship courses we offer and also the recruitment process we provide at a very low rate. An Apprenticeship gives somebody the opportunity to earn money whilst learning. They will receive on the job training and support to develop the skills needed to succeed in their chosen industry. It allows you to achieve a nationally recognised qualification in the workplace. Dedicated assessors will be assigned to each individual who will visit the place of work once a month to observe the learner and give advice on how to get the most from the apprenticeship. Both new apprentices and existing staff are able to take the part in the course, depending on age and previous qualifications the training is usually fully funded.

All learners must be between 16-23, not hold a degree, working 30 hours a week and have a contract of employment. The minimum wage is £3.30 per hour, In London areas we generally suggest to pay a little more. This will benefit the financial side of any company when employing an apprentice.  You will be able to train the apprentice to the standard your company works. This is beneficial to both the company and the apprentice as it will help progression for the future. Another financial advantage to taking on an apprentice is the Age Grants that are available for up to 5 apprentices a year. You can receive £1,500 Age Grant for taking on an apprentice and sometimes there are grants available from local councils depending on the candidate you decide to employ.

The Apprenticeships we are able to provide are:

-Business Administration Level 2 & Level 3
-Customer Service Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4
-Sales and marketing Level 2 & Level 3
-Team Leading and Management
-Health and Social Care Level 2 & Level 3
-Retail Level 2 & Level 3

-Youth Work

If you choose to take on an apprentice through us we advertise the position online through various different job sites, and pre-vet every candidate to ensure you see the candidates most suitable for your role.